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Cycling around Pinoso

In and around the Pinoso area groups of cyclists are seen most weekends. Heads down giving it their all as they whizz through the countryside. Up and down hills in the pursuit of their sport. And it’s taken very seriously.

Motorists take a back seat when these guys are around. On the main roads you must safely pass them giving them at least a 2m space. In towns some of the roads are marked with blue lines. These roads give priority to cyclists.

There are however some rules for cycling in Spain:

Cyclists are not permitted on ‘Autovías’, except when the authorities decide that there is no other alternative.
Cyclists are responsible for providing their vehicle with lights and reflectors, and also have to wear reflective clothing when riding on road under poor light conditions.
Cyclists lose right of way in most ordinary traffic situations, except on bicycle crossings and bike lanes and under some other circumstances, when a car turns left or right.
Cyclists have to wear a helmet outside town.
Here’s a link to some local cycle routes around the Pinoso area:

Bike Map