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Jumilla Wine Festival – Beware of Blue Feet

Sounds silly doesn’t it but sound advice.

Rob and I made our way over to Jumilla in our white clothes, as we had been told, armed with squeezy bottles of vino tinto. Not really knowing what to expect. We parked up in the petrol station and headed off to join up with friends.

Getting into the town the locals were busy setting up tables outside their houses while others were busy covering their doors and windows with plastic sheeting. What was about to happen we wondered. We knew it involved a lot of red wine. We’d heard that watermelons were involved, but how???

Shortly before 8pm the procession through the town started. Float after float of happy people literally pouring wine into the mouths of those watching them go by. ‘Get to the front’ one lovely lady told us. ‘Then you’ll get more wine’.

Where else in the world could you experience a town coming out to celebrate by literally pouring wine at, over and into each other? Oh and passing out the odd ham roll, just to make sure there was something to eat too.

As the night went on our white clothes got more and more stained. Looking more pink than white. The streets were flowing with wine and regardless of age from babes in arms to elderly with their walking frames, everyone was having fun. Singing, dancing and celebrating the fantastic red wine of the town and local area

See for yourself here

For the very brave the end of the evening is spent washing down in the car wash at the petrol station.

And those blue feet? Well let’s just say the next time we go I’ll be sensible like Rob and wear an old pair of trainers and socks……… not just flip flops. We had no idea how much red wine can stain your feet!